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  • Congratulations to our newly elected Directors and Officers. Your Club is extremely grateful for your commitment to our organization and we look forward to supporting your efforts. Informal social meetings will continue every Saturday at the Kingsland iHop but all Club business will be conducted only during a formal meeting. Tech Sessions (which are open to everyone!) will continue to be held every 4th Saturday of the Month. Regular Club meetings will be held immediately following these Tech Sessions and/or will be conducted in a virtual environment if necessary. Please contact your club Officers for further information if you missed this past Saturday's re-organizational meeting. (7/23/22)

  • The CCARS Antenna Tower Trailer is in dire need of attention. Currently stored @ the residence of KO4DNH, the trailer needs two of the four tires replaced and the wiring needs repair or replacement before it is roadworthy again. Some TLC is also needed for the antennas & feed lines stored with it. Anyone interested in assisting with the resurrection of this once mighty 30' crank up tower trailer, please contact K1JHH for more information. (6/23/22)

  • The Coastal Plains Amateur Radio Club managed to set up a presentation with Craig Fugate on 'The Importance of Ham Radio in Disasters' and has posted the video on YouTube. Who's Craig Fugate you ask? Among other things, he was FEMA director under President Obama. Yes, THE FEMA director. Craig is also an active Amateur Radio operator and is a big believer in the contribution that ham radio can provide during disasters. Craig's experience is unique. He served as the Florida State Emergency Management Director for nine years, and then served as the FEMA director for seven years. The guy knows what he's talking about, from the national down to the local level, and his credentials are unassailable. Check it out! Importance of Ham Radio in Disasters (5/23/22)

  • CCARS continues to work closely with the County EMA to refurbish the ARES communications room and antenna tower at the EOC. K1JHH, who has been coordinating the effort, is looking for other operators to become certified as EOC radio operators and assist with staffing the station during events.

  • Georgia ARES (GA-ARES) has been working for a number of years to provide DStar coverage over most of the state. K1JHH will continue to work with the Region J (Coastal Georgia) Hospital Coalition and with W1KFR towards the installation of the VHF/UHF D-Star Repeater. All system components & feedline have been delivered and are awaiting installation. Stay tuned for updates!.

  • Continuing with DStar news, Now that DStar Auxcomm stations for both Brunswick and Kingsland campuses of SGHS are on the air, they need experienced operators to run the weekly D-Star check in on Thursday mornings. Camden ARES is looking towards training for hospital staff and other volunteers as primary station operators but your help is needed now until these folks can be recruited & trained. Please contact Raymond, K1JHH if you are interested in assisting with this effort. (6/23/22)

  • This area of the state is in much need of VHF or UHF Winlink EMail gateways!!. If you look at a map of available stations, Coastal Georgia is empty! They are easier to set up that you might think. Go to for more information

  • Check out the CCARS Buy-Sell-Swap Forum where local hams can offer gear for sale & trade, or just find stuff you need. Registration and listings are free. Use the link in the menu to the left or click here: CCARS Tailgate

  • LINKS PAGE - Recently Updated!! The page lists links to dozens of calculators, antenna analysis software, parts and equipment dealers, reference sources, and tons of other radio & electronics related stuff. It even has a dedicated page of links to radio related apps for your Android smart phone. Check it out here: ANDROID APPS

  • Click the link and check out what is going on with Amateur Radio in Camden County! Camden County Amateur Radio Society Facebook Page

  • The 2022 Club Activity & Hamfest Calendar needs something in it! - If you have an event you would like to see listed, let us know. (2/10/22)

We are always looking for new ways to get our club members together to enjoy this great hobby. Field trips, cookouts, special event stations, JOTA, IOTA, Field Day, fox hunts, we love to do it all! You can be part of it too and now is a great time. We are busy planning new events for the upcoming year!

Join us this Saturday at 0900 for breakfast at


Hwy 40 W, Kingsland, GA (Just off I-95 Exit 3)

Be sure to check in via
FM 147.195 (+ 118.8Hz)
so we can have a seat waiting for you!

Contact Raymond (K1JHH) for more information: E-mail


YL Net
Monday 8:00 P.M. [EST}

Worlwide Tech Net
Friday 8:00 P.M. [EST]

Connect by RF:
KB4CC 147.195 MHz

Dover Bluff
KG4PXG 146.685 MHz

or Echolink:
Conference *GEORGIA*
Node #4544
Tuesday 7:00 P.M. [EST]

Connect by Echolink:
KK1JE-R #738635

Georgia Conference
Knowledge of Morse Code is no longer required for ANY class of licenses!

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