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  • Packet radio is making a comeback!. Packet nodes are popping up all over the country, primarily for EMCOMM uses, but open to all. If you have not yet read about the custom $40 TNC made especially for use with the Raspberry Pi computer, (aptly named the TNC-Pi), check it out here then join in the fun! GAARES has plans to mount two Digipeaters in Waycross in the near future. The TNC-Pi can also be used to build an APRS tracker and a portable WINLINK node

  • The Glynn Amateur Radio Association (GARA) has a new website, check it out at

  • The Camden County Emergency Management Agency has named Charles White as the new EMA Director, replacing Mark Crews! Charles is a retired Navy Master at Arms K9 Handler, and spent 13 years at the Port of Jacksonville as Head of Security. He is very ham radio friendly so we are expecting many positive changes in 2018.

  • The "South East Georgia Amateur Radio Auxiliary Communications" (SEGARAC) group, Camden County's ARES organization, is currently working with the county EMA to begin the process of identifying, training, and equipping all local medical facilities required by DHS to participate in emergency communications drills. It will be a big task, as estimates have the number of qualifying facilities at near 20.

    SEGARAC is also working with Camden EMA and Georgia ARES to install a DStar repeater stack in our area, tied into the state wide DStar system. The major hold up right now is installation of four new towers as part of a county-wide public service communications upgrade.

  • There have been more updates made on the Local Repeater page of this site, including additions, deletions, call sign changes, CTCSS tones, and more. Update your radio memories today!

  • Club Project - CCARS is currently taking suggestions for a simple, inexpensive, educational, and, of course, useful club project that we can start building at a meeting and then have a final project contest. One suggestion was a voltage regulator board that could be used as the basis for a power supply. The PC boards, schematics, and parts lists would be given out by the club, and all the parts, including transformer, pass transistors, and enclosure, would be purchased by the builder (maybe a kit of small parts could be made available at cost?). Other suggestions are welcomed, including commercially available kits. Ideas?

  • If you haven't started playing with the sub-$40 Raspberry Pi micro computer, you are missing out on a lot of fun and inexpensive ham radio uses, like an a homebrew Echolink or APRS node, compact portable digitial mode terminal, satellite tracking, and much more. The list is growing everyday, and with the release of the new, more powerful "RasPi-2", the possibilities are even greater. You can start with the RasPi homepage then visit Adafruit for parts and ideas. Also check our LINKS page for more.

  • In addition to the RasPi, the sub-$50 Arduino family of microprocessors (Uno, Nano, Mega, etc.) has staked its claim to an amazing array of amateur radio related use: Rotor/antenna controllers, APRS, baloon telemetry, satellite tracking, digital displays, and much more. Start here for tutorials and project ideas. There are a number of great books available from the ARRL, as well as parts and kits from numerous sources like Amazon, Sparkfun, and Adafruit. And, of course, check our LINKS page for more.

  • LINKS PAGE The page lists links to dozens of calculators, antenna analysis software, parts and equipment dealers, reference sources, and tons of other radio & electronics related stuff. It even has a dedicated page of links to radio related apps for your Android smart phone. Check it out here: ANDROID APPS

Club Activities
The planning committee is always looking for new ways to get our club members together to enjoy this great hobby. Field trips, cookouts, special event stations, JOTA, IOTA, Field Day, fox hunts, we love to do it all! You can be part of it too and now is a great time. We are busy planning new events for the upcoming year! Click here for more information and pictures of some of our recent activities.
Join us each Saturday at 0915 for breakfast at

Hwy 40 W, Kingsland, GA (Just off I-95 Exit 3)

Be sure to check in via
FM 147.195 (118.8t) or DMR (Kingsland Local 1)
so we can have a seat waiting for you!
FY 2018 Meeting Calendar
Conference Room
Camden County Planning and Building Offices

1410 Hwy 40E (Corner of Gross Rd and Hwy 40)
Between the Library and the GBI building

Our next meeting will be:

Field Day * Field Day * Field Day

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Contact Glenn (W4ULB) for more information: E-mail

  • This Month
    • May 6 Sunday 3:00 PM CCARS Meeting and Test Session
Fun Net
Monday 8:00 P.M. [EST}

Worlwide Tech Net
Friday 8:00 P.M. [EST]

Connect by RF:
W4ULB 147.195 MHz

Dover Bluff
KG4PXG 146.685 MHz

or Echolink:
Conference *GEORGIA*
Node #4544
Tuesday 7:00 P.M. [EST]

Connect by RF:
W4ULB 147.195 MHz

or Echolink:
Conference *SEGAARES*
KK1JE-R #738635
Weather Underground PWS KGAKINGS21

Don't have a Ham Radio License yet? Ready to upgrade your existing license? Not a problem!
We can't take the test for you, but we can point you in the right direction and administer your test when you are ready.

Knowledge of Morse Code is no longer required for ANY class of licenses!

Please visit our Testing page for more information:

Who doesn't need more stuff for the shack? Load up the car, plug in the GPS coordinates and show some support for the SE Div hamfests.

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62st Annual Shelby Hamfest
Shelby, NC
31 Aug - 2 Sep 2018

Melbourne Hamfest
Melbourne, FL
12-13 Oct 2018

Stone Mountain Hamfest
Lawrenceville, GA
3-4 November 2018

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